About Us

We serve the Lord at Liberty with about 50 members, including our Pastor, Kyle Sheeley. We are a mature church and would like to add some more youth to our membership to ensure our continued growth. Our church as a whole is very well educated in the scriptures, and about 30 of our members have a Bible degree of some sort.

Our church is a Missionary Baptist church. We believe in baptism by immersion and only with the authority of a New Testament church. We practice a closed Lord’s Supper and don’t recognize all churches as New Testament churches. For a church to be a scriptural New Testament church, we believe that it must have its roots on the other side of the Catholic assembly of old, and be able to trace its origins back to the first church in Jerusalem, doctrinally. We are Baptist in our faith and order and are not, nor ever have been, Protestant.

Our church has published a number of books written by our members, and have reprinted several that were written by great men of God in the past.

We have a strong Ladies auxiliary that meets once a month and does a wonderful job of supporting the ministries of the church. Our ladies are actively involved in missions and they also lead our efforts in a shoebox gift project for Navaho Indian children every year.

We support missionaries worldwide in an effort to help them reach lost souls for Jesus Christ. And we make trips around the country to help other churches of like faith build new church buildings.

We also have teaching ministries for children, including the Adventurers and Explorers classes, which meet during the worship hour of our Sunday morning service time. The goal of these classes is to develop our youth into godly young men and women who not only know the Gospel, but are encouraged to find ways to live out their faith. During the Sunday evening service, we have the Treble Makers class. This class teaches children Biblical priniciples and stories, all while encouraging the youngsters to worship our Lord through music. We also have a class for them to attend during the Wednesday night prayer service.

Surely, Liberty is a church where your entire family will feel at home while serving the Lord.

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